Children's Ministry

KindergartEn - 5th Grade

There is no doubt that the children at HSBC have the most fun. Every Sunday morning in the Generations building our children enjoy grade level connect groups at 9:15AM followed by their very own worship service at 11:00 AM after joining the congregation for Worship.  Children also have their very own Wednesday night Worship service at 6:30 PM. 

Jesus said to Let the little children come to Him which is why we have made it a priority that our children's ministry provide a fun and safe environment where kids are taught the valuable principles of what it means to worship Jesus Christ. Both our Children's minister and volunteers deliver powerful and challenging messages every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. The messages we deliver to our students are communicated in a fun and exciting way so that every child can learn and apply them to their lives. Children walk away from their church service excited about Christ and His love for them! In addition to weekly services, we also make sure that our children are active all throughout the year with seasonal activities such as our Spring get-togethers, Hollyween fall festival, Kids Camp, and Vacation Bible School. We are blessed to have a gifted Children's minister, Leslie Johnstone who loves each child as her own and desires to see all in her department grow closer to God on a daily basis. If you have any questions regarding our children's ministry you can email Leslie.

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