Covid 19 -Response

Reopening Guidelines for HSBC

Here are the highlights you need to know. The following will be followed until further notice. 


¨ PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING: All our services will be intentional to have safe practices in place. We will sit every other row, only with family members, and distance ourselves in common areas. 


¨ EXTRA WORSHIP SERVICE: Beginning on the 17th, we will have two services. One at 9:00 and the other at 10:30. Please sign up for the service of your choice on our website. Each service is limited to approx. 125 people. 


¨ NO CHILDCARE AND NO CONNECT GROUPS: At this time, these ministries will not be available. Please know that we understand the difficulty this imposes. Please know that babies, children, and even adults will be tolerated and celebrated during worship. Our services will be one hour, and we will do our best to keep everyone engaged.


¨ MASKS AND GLOVES: The church is a “no judgement” zone. Please feel free to wear masks and gloves. 


¨ HAND SANITIZING: Hand sanitizing stations are in many areas of the church. Please use them often!


¨ RESTROOMS: All restrooms in the main building will be available. Please refer to signs and adhere to capacity restrictions to allow for social distancing.


¨ PERSONAL DECISIONS: Please note that all of our services will continue to be Live-streamed on Facebook and uploaded to our website for you to watch at home if you are not ready or comfortable to attend in the building yet. This is a personal decision and your decision of where, when, and how you will worship will be respected.


¨ PRACTICE GRACE AND KINDNESS: These are certainly new and vastly different times for all of us. Please be merciful and kind to our staff as well as our entire church family as we navigate these unchartered waters. Our pledge is to do our absolute best to be safe in our practices but to be bold in our love for Christ.


¨ COFFEE & WATER: The church will not provide coffee or donuts for the next few weeks. You are welcome to bring your own coffee! If possible, please bring cup with a lid to help minimize spills on carpet. We will have bottled water at the Welcome Center. You are also welcome to bring snacks for your children.


May 17, 2020

Here are just a couple of last minute things to know as we begin to worship this Sunday back in our Sanctuary:

1. We are doing our best to make our facilities safe and ready for our Worship services. We absolutely understand that not everyone is ready to return yet. We all completely understand and respect that choice. We pray that one day soon we will all be able to worship together again without any hesitation. Until then, we practice grace with each other and we will do our best to make sure that those who aren't in person will get to experience the services as though they are there. We are doing our very best to make our online services of the best quality. Please be patient with us as we make this transition.

2. We are going to do our very best to make our services as "family friendly" as possible. We will sing more, and we will restrict our time frame to one hour. Also, all of the hallways, and the fellowship hall have the sound of the services through overhead speakers. You are welcome to step out at anytime you feel necessary. Our staff has worked hard to provide you with things to help you navigate the service with your children. Please feel free to use any thing we provide, and ask if there is something we may help you with.

3. We will not be providing coffee or donuts for the foreseeable future. Please feel free to bring from home anything you would like that is covered with a lid. You are welcome at this time to bring those into our worship center.

4. I will start a series in the morning entitled "God Rebuild Us." It is out of the book of Nehemiah. I look forward to sharing this series with you.

5. Lastly, please feel free to bring and wear a face covering if you choose. The church will be a judgement free zone on your choices in these matters. If you forget and you desire one, the church has some they will provide. They will be at the doors when you enter. Other safety provisions such as sitting every other row, hand sanitizer, and social distancing will be implemented also. Thanks for everyone working together to make our return as safe as possible. I am sure there will be some glitches, we just ask for your patience as we all work together to begin to come together and worship.

Hoping to see all of you in the morning in person or live on facebook. You can catch the 9 or 10:30 service.